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Icontube Mania

Developer: AMStudios

Do you think you can guess all the most famous Youtuber? Then this is the app for you!You will have several levels to challenge you and try to guess them all.
If you need help, no problem, 3 kinds of help will be at your disposal:- Add Letter (Will add one of correct letters is part of the name to guess)- Delete Letters (Delete all the letters that aren't part of the word)- Guess The Word (Don't you know absolutely who is the YouTuber? Use this help and carry thoughtless)
Every name that guess will earn you credits that you can spend on aid.
If you want to know when it will come out a preview of the next updates please follow our Facebook page
For any advice about the app, both with respect to the gameplay, and for the addition of levels, please write everything in a comment below, or send an email to: or finally by writing to our page Facebook.
Good fun !
The game is based mainly on YouTuber Italian, incoming new youtuber of other nations ;)